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About me

Lyndsay Wright in her garden in Cambridge, UK

Let me tell you a little about me...

I have now published three novels on Amazon, two historical fictions books and one, my newest, a piece of speculative fiction.

Starting out

I have always loved writing stories. My first novel was written when I was sixteen in the school summer break. (It sits in a drawer and will never see the light of day!) Though I loved writing it, I knew I wanted more life experience to create the kind of characters and story lines that I would want to read.

So, after university, I took a detour through the corporate world – one that was to last for 24 years! Fortunately, my love of writing fitted well with my work in the communications teams of a series of publicly listed companies. Those jobs took me all over the world, brought me incredible experiences, and gave me fascinating insights into people, places, times, and ideas. For that, and for so much more, I shall be eternally grateful.

Taking the leap

In 2019, the moment came when I could step away from that career and take up my new one: writing full-time.

I had already published one novel, Grace, a sweeping love story set in London and New York amid the glamour and excitement of the “Swinging 20s”.

Now, it was time to plunge into a different era. And so, I came to find myself writing a novel set against the greatest pandemic of all time – the Black Death – at the very moment when we were all living through a pandemic ourselves. The result is Echoes, a haunting tale of a woman caught up in the turbulence of 14th century England and the archaeologist investigating how her village became deserted almost overnight.

A new direction


Though history has always been a passion for me, in recent years other areas of fascination have drawn me down another path, leading to my third novel.

I have been reading about the Law of Attraction since 2015, and I'm intrigued to know what people think about how the universe works and what this life experience is all about. What do scientists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders have to say on the big questions of life - why are we here, what's the purpose of our existence, and how can we live our best lives? What I’ve found has opened a new horizon for me. I love synthesising seemingly disparate ideas and discovering where their core truths overlap in surprising and enlightening ways. Pilgrim is the first novel to be born from this, and more will follow.

As Pilgrim is so different from my first two novels, I'm publishing it under my full name, Lyndsay Wright. My historical fiction continues to be published under L.G. Wright.


I was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire (north of London ), where I went to Hitchin Girls’ School. Now, my home is in Cambridge, England. Cambridge has, unintentionally, become the centre of much of my life: it's where I studied for my English literature degree in the 1990s (at Cambridge University's Churchill College), worked for a biotech company in the 2000s, and finally returned to live in the 2010s. Today, I share my home with Magnus, a gorgeous Maine Coon cat (the gentle giants of the feline world), and when I’m not writing, reading, or researching, I enjoy the river walks, museums, and restaurants of my beautiful city, or retreat to the tranquillity of my courtyard garden.

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