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Sometime in the near future, physicists working on the Quantum Field are overturning 400 years of science. A major discovery reveals that the universe is based on attraction, and that knowledge is changing everything.

Outside, the world is in chaos. Inside Citadel Six, the Government promised to keep everyone safe. But people are disappearing.

Pilgrim is lost. He’s lost his memory and he's lost his his way. Only his friendship with Everyman keeps him going. Then Gabe arrives, a disillusioned particle physicist carrying whispers of a New City.

Pilgrim, Everyman and Gabe set out to find answers. Can they uncover what has happened to the Disappeared? Can they learn what it means to exist in an attraction-based universe? And, together, can they find their way to a better life?

"Pilgrim" is the first book in a ground-breaking series that combines the Law of Attraction with insights from physics, philosophy, and spirituality to explore the idea that we are creating our own reality.

Website cover.jpg
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