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London, 1919. The First World War is finally over, and the lost generation is now fighting to rebuild their future. For Jack Westerham there is no prospect of returning to his sheltered, sedate home in Devon, and he strives for a new life in London. Into his ordered existence comes Sarah Samuels, eldest daughter of the owner of Richmond Bank where Jack works, and he finds this considerate, elegant, self-assured young woman turning his world around. 

Their lives are affluent, passionate, and envied. But there is a darkness at the heart of their lives, and Jack finds himself defenceless against Sarah's desperate desire for a child. Her solution to the problem will force Jack to confront everything he believes in. 

Straddling war-torn London and the heady world of 1920s New York, this love story twists and turns until the Wall Street Crash brings their world tumbling down and true love faces its ultimate challenge.

Grace front cover_edited.jpg
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