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Why I write about the Law of Attraction

Confession time: I don’t like admitting I’m working on the Law of Attraction. Maybe it’s the result of spending 24 years immersed in the hyperrational corporate world. Maybe it’s our science-driven Western culture whispering in my ear. Or maybe, deep down, I worry about being labelled as ‘a bit woo-woo’.

Yet, here I am, not just dabbling, but committing to an entire series of books on the concept of an attraction-based universe. Why?

It all began with a book called “Ask and It Is Given”.

I had no idea what to expect. I certainly didn’t know the context behind it, so the introductions by Jerry and Esther Hicks meant nothing. But then, I read Abraham’s words and felt something I’d never experienced before—resonance.

It was the oddest sensation. The words were straightforward, yet I couldn’t understand them. I read the same paragraph repeatedly, trying to grasp a meaning that was eluding me. Words are supposed to be my forte, so why the struggle?

Despite the confusion, something was drawing me in. An undeniable pull. A connection that transcended the text. There was an energy in those lines that spoke more clearly than the words themselves.

I wanted to know more. But my hyperrational, science-led side wasn’t about to take a blind leap of faith. If there was any truth to this, there had to be a logical explanation, perhaps even a hint of scientific validation.

I’m an English graduate who hadn’t touched science since sixteen. But for several years now I’ve been devouring books on everything from quantum physics to neuroscience and philosophy. I want to know what our scientific age and our greatest modern thinkers can tell us about how this universe works. Or as Douglas Adams would say, the answers to “life, the universe, and everything”.

What I’ve discovered—and continue to discover—forms the basis of my “Pilgrim” books and this blog.

I don’t know what your journey looks like, but if you’re curious, “Ask and It Is Given” might just be a perfect starting point.



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